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Deep Rising (1998) Tamil – Telugu – Hindi – Eng 400mb DVDScr Movie

Initial release: January 30, 1998
Lang._Included-Inside_This-Movie: Tamil – Telugu – Hindi – Eng
Picture_Pixel: DVDScr
Sized Ind Ind Ind_MBd_MB: 400MB
_Film-Was_Directed-By: Stephen Sommers
Initial DVD release: October 13, 1998
Music director: Jerry Goldsmith

Deep Rising is a 1998 American action horror film directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Treat Williams, Famke Janssen and Anthony Heald. It was distributed by Hollywood Pictures and Cinergi Pictures and released on January 30, 1998. Amidst a storm and the darkness of night, a sophisticated charter boat, piloted by John Finnegan (Treat Williams), is transporting a group of mercenaries, led by a man named Hanover (Wes Studi), to an undisclosed location in the South China Sea. With him are his crew, Leila (Una Damon) and Joey “Tooch” Pantucci (Kevin J. O’Connor). “Deep Rising” could also have been titled “Eat the Titanic!” It’s about a giant squid that attacks a luxurious cruise ship in the South China Sea. Like all movie monsters, it has perfect timing and always bursts into the frame just when the characters are least expecting it. And it has an unsavory way of dining. “They eat you?” asks one of the survivors. “No–they drink you.” The mechanics for a movie like this were well established in the “Alien” pictures, and “Deep Rising” clones the formula. Survivors are trapped inside giant vessel. Creature finds its way around air ducts and sewer pipes, popping out of shaft openings to gobble up minor characters (the first victim is sucked down the toilet).

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